What is Oshy?

Oshie is an elusive internet lifeform that is of some renown on far-flung corners of the web; a strange cryptid that you may encounter on your journey through obscure passageways around the internet. A passerby who left a comment on something in 2008 and somehow it's still up.

What is OceanMew.com?

This website is just a little personal place online where I can place things I want to share. It also serves as a link to my Mastodon page without having to link directly there and confusing the 99% of people who have no idea what Mastodon is.

How do I contact you?

The best way to contact me is via the Mastodon profile I've linked to on the homepage of this website. I always check messages and updates there.

What will you post on this website?

Right now it's very gaming focused, but thats not a rule or anything. I'm considering posting more textbased content and getting away more from the gaming stuff.

Why is your website entirely just video game content?

Because I can't think of anything else to post.

What does "OceanMew" mean anyways?

It's nothing really complex or anything, I just go by the name "Ocean" online and thought of it randomly when changing my Xbox name one day. You'll see me refer to myself as "Oshie" or "Oshy" often too, thats just a nickname one of my besties came up with.

What do you think of 1995's Neon Genesis Evangelion? 

It's really good